About us

Reactiva Online is a website focused on analyzing and comparing the different tools and solutions in the world of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.

We strive to provide you with easy-to-read (and sometimes funny) objective opinions that will help you choose which tools are right for you. We also provide you with multiple guides and tutorials that will allow you to succeed in the competitive online market.

Our purpose

Even if you have no idea of marketing or Ecommerce, we will try to guide you and help you start, build and grow your business until you reach your goals. Since our creation, we started with the objective of helping thousands of people and small business owners to take their first steps, making sure that they make as few mistakes as possible and avoid wasting time and money.

Editorial team

We bring you the best content based on our professional experience.

We work together to design, create and produce work we can be proud of.

Reactiva Online is a website aimed at impartial reviews and analysis of all types of software related to e-commerce and digital marketing.

Aritz Pérez

Entrepreneur by nature and permanent explorer. I lead the writing team of Reactiva Online. More than a decade dedicated to Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. I am passionate about basketball.

Adriana Arevalo

Enthusiastic about technology and the digital sphere. More than 8 years of experience in the Ecommerce sector. I write since I have the use of reason.

Sergio O.

Web designer and SEO specialist. Extensive experience in everything related to the online businesses world.

Marta D.

Copywriting Professional. I write all kinds of texts, especially about business and new technologies. I have been creating and writing for seven years.

How is Reactiva Online financed?

Our goal with Reactiva Onlie is to help you to understand the initial steps before opening any e-commerce business. Educating yourself on how to start and grow an online business is not an easy task, so you will also have to work hard.

We share tools, tips, and resources that we’ve researched and used in our professional experience and our own eCommerce businesses.

In order to finance this project, we use the best software and service providers who sometimes pay us small commissions for referring clients to them. This does not imply any additional cost for you and does not affect the results of our analysis.

We only recommend tools that we have used or thoroughly researched.

Thanks for your support!

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