180 Call To Action Examples to Boost Your Conversions

150+ Call To Action Examples to Skyrocket Your Conversions

In the digital age, attracting the consumer’s attention is only the first step. The real goal is to get the user to take action in line with our business objectives, and that’s not an easy task, as we are saturated by impacts. You have probably landed on this article because you are looking for call to action examples and phrases to use directly in your projects.

Don’t worry, because in this article I bring you different CTA examples that have been used by leading brands in the market and more than a hundred call to action phrases that have proven their effectiveness in the digital world. Whether you are a marketing professional or an entrepreneur, I will try to show you practical cases that will provide inspiration so you can boost the conversions of your digital project. Let’s get started! 😉


A “Call to Action” (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to any element designed to encourage a user or reader to perform a specific action. CTAs are a valuable tool that, if used correctly, can make the difference between a visitor who leaves your website without doing anything and one who becomes a loyal customer or follower.

In this article, you will be introduced to a wide variety of CTA phrases and examples that have proven to be effective in different contexts. We will analyze several types of CTAs, from the most direct ones to the most sophisticated ones.

For better navigation, here is a list of examples grouped by CTA type.

Call To Action examples grouped by type:

  1. Emotional CTA Examples
  2. Sales CTA Examples
  3. Direct CTA Examples
  4. Indirect CTA Examples
  5. Lead Capture CTA Examples
  6. Social Media CTA Examples
  7. Event CTA Examples
  8. Trial CTA Examples

1. Emotional Call To Action Examples

Emotional CTAs can be extremely effective because they appeal to the user’s feelings. Within the emotional CTAs, there are several subtypes such as those related to inspiration, urgency, exclusivity, curiosity, happiness, scarcity or abundance, among others.

If you are going to use emotional CTAs, make sure they are aligned with your brand values and convey authenticity to establish a loyal and lasting emotional connection.

Emotional Call To Action phrases and examples:

  • “Start Your Journey to Success”
  • “Be the First to Join”
  • “Look at Your Future”
  • “Make Your Dream Come True”
  • “Start Changing the World”
  • “Make the Difference”
  • “Unlock the Limited Edition”
  • “Discover the Secret”
  • “Enjoy an Exclusive Community”
  • “Double Your Results”
  • “Get VIP Access Now”
  • “Break Your Limits”
  • “Feel the Difference”
  • “Give Your Life a Twist”
  • “Choose Excellence”
  • “Leave Your Mark”
  • “Embrace the Adventure”
  • “Live the Most Incredible Experience”
  • “Join the Revolution”
  • “Don’t Miss It”
  • “Let’s Build Dreams Together”

TRESemmé – Emotional CTA example in online store: “Get Styled”

Patagonia – Emotional CTA example in email: “Take Action”

2. Sales Call To Action Examples

In the context of sales, you can use CTAs that try to guide visitors through the sales funnel, with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers. You can easily see these examples in online stores, landing pages and email marketing campaigns.

Effective sales CTAs are direct and persuasive, to guide the visitor to take a specific action that brings them closer to making a purchase.

Sales Call To Action phrases and examples:

  • “Add to Cart”
  • “Buy Now”
  • “Take Advantage of this Limited Offer”
  • “Complete Your Purchase”
  • “Get Your Discount Now”
  • “Start Your Free Trial”
  • “Customize Your Order”
  • “Get Today’s Deal”
  • “Unlock Exclusive Benefits”
  • “Request a Quote”
  • “Start Your Subscription”
  • “Discover Our New Product”
  • “Buy and Save”
  • “Process the Order”
  • “Add to Your Wishlist”
  • “Order Now”
  • “Buy Before They’re Gone”
  • “Start Saving Today”
  • “Activate Your Subscription”
  • “Claim Your Discount”
  • “Get Free Shipping”
  • “Shop Our Best Sellers”
  • “Schedule a Product Demo”
  • “Get Started Today”
  • “Take Advantage of Our Promotions”
  • “Secure Your Spot”

On That Ass – Sales CTA example in email: “I want that free boxer!”

Puma – Sales CTA examples in online store: “Shop Womens”, “Shop Mens”, “Shop Kids”

3. Direct Call To Action Examples

Direct CTAs are known for their simplicity and clarity. Their objective is to provoke an immediate action in the user.

It is important to know that the effectiveness of a direct CTA is based on its ability to guide the user to a concrete and desired action. Direct CTAs can be very effective in driving user action because they reduce confusion or ambiguity about what a user should do next.

Direct Call To Action phrases and examples:

  • “Buy It Now”
  • “Subscribe Today”
  • “Register for Free”
  • “Download the eBook”
  • “Start Your Free Trial”
  • “Schedule a Demonstration”
  • “Join the Community”
  • “Get Your Discount”
  • “Request More Information”
  • “Start Saving Now”
  • “Free Instant Access”
  • “Take a Look”
  • “Reserve Your Spot”
  • “Discover More”
  • “Donate Now”
  • “Create Your Account”
  • “View the Full Catalog”
  • “Take the Survey”
  • “Get a Quote”
  • “Request a Demo”
  • “Book Your Seat”
  • “Explore Our Offers”
  • “Sign Up for Free”
  • “Apply Here”

Paramount+ – Direct CTA examples on website: “Try it free”, “Get the bundle”

Uber – Direct CTA example on website: “Sign up to drive”

4. Indirect Call To Action Examples

Indirect CTAs are a bit more subtle than direct CTAs. Their goal is to guide users to an action, but through a path that provides more value or information to the user.

The indirect approach is often used to engage the user in the long term, providing them with valuable content and establishing a relationship of trust before guiding them towards a specific action.

Indirect Call To Action phrases and examples:

  • “Learn More About Our Services”
  • “Explore Our Success Stories”
  • “Find Out How We Can Help You”
  • “Learn More”
  • “Get the Latest News”
  • “Visit Our Blog for More Tips”
  • “Take a Look at Our Recommendations”
  • “Hear From Our Customers”
  • “Read Our Latest Report”
  • “Watch Our Product Demos”
  • “Get Useful Tips in Our Guide”
  • “Learn How to Maximize Your Savings”
  • “Get Inspired by Our Ideas”
  • “Discover the Benefits of Membership”
  • “Explore the Features of Our New Product”
  • “Learn the Benefits of This Plan”
  • “Follow Our Step-by-Step to Get Results”
  • “Find Out How It Works”
  • “Visit Our Product Gallery”
  • “Read More About Our Mission”
  • “Read Our Customer Success Stories”

Slack – Indirect CTA example on website: “Read story”

Coca-Cola – Indirect CTA example on website: “Learn More”

5. Lead capture Call To Action examples

Lead capture CTAs, as their name suggests, are used to obtain contact information from visitors, usually in exchange for valuable content or a special offer.

Remember, when using CTAs to capture leads, it is always a good practice to offer something of value in exchange for the visitor’s contact information (such as an eBook, a template or a report). This tactic helps establish a relationship of trust between your brand and the visitor.

Lead capture Call To Action phrases and examples:

  • “Download Our Free eBook”
  • “Sign Up to Receive Exclusive Tips”
  • “Get Your Free Analysis”
  • “Subscribe to Our Newsletter”
  • “Access the Complete Guide”
  • “Download Our Useful Spreadsheet”
  • “Join Our Webinar”
  • “Request a Demo”
  • “Sign Up for a Discount”
  • “Get Your Free Consultation”
  • “Sign Up for Email Updates”
  • “Download Our Free Templates”
  • “Get the First Chapter for Free”
  • “Receive a Personalized Report”
  • “Discover Our Free Tool”
  • “Access Our Free Course”
  • “Download Our Latest Research Report”
  • “Sign Up for a Free Trial”
  • “Participate in Our Contest”
  • “Get a Free Quote”
  • “Book Your Free Coaching Session”
  • “Access Our Exclusive Content”
  • “Claim Your Free Sample”

Hootsuite – Lead capture CTA example on website: “Get the template now”

CareerFoundry – Lead capture CTA example on website: “Get the free course”.

6. Social Media Call To Action Examples

Social media CTAs are designed to encourage engagement, shares, likes, and other actions on social media platforms. They help increase the reach of your content, build a larger following, and drive traffic to your website or other online resources.

When using CTAs on social networks, it is important that you take into account the context of the specific platform and how users behave on it. Based on this, you will be able to increase the relevance and effectiveness of your calls to action.

Social media Call To Action phrases and examples:

  • “Like Our Page”
  • “Comment Below”
  • “Share This on Your Wall”
  • “Tag a Friend”
  • “Follow Us for More Content”
  • “Participate in Our Contest”
  • “Send Us a Direct Message”
  • “Swipe Up”
  • “Use Our Hashtag”
  • “Click the Link in Our Bio”
  • “Tag a Friend Who Needs to See This”
  • “Retweet the Post”
  • “Like if You Agree”
  • “Share This on Your Wall”
  • “Tag a Friend”
  • “DM Us for More Info”
  • “Follow Us for More Content”
  • “Participate in Our Contest”
  • “Send Us a Direct Message”
  • “Use Our Hashtag”
  • “Share with Your Friends”
  • “See Our Latest Video”
  • “Tap to Find Out How!”
  • “Press to Discover”

L’OR Espresso – Social media CTA example on Facebook: “Click the link below”

Foster Farms – Social media CTA example on Twitter: “Tag a friend”, “Share this post on your story”

7. Event Call To Action Examples

CTAs for events are essential to increase registrations and ensure engagement before, during and after the event. These CTAs seek to motivate users to take action in relation to a particular event.

Each event CTA should encourage participants to interact in some way with the event, whether by registering, sharing information or providing feedback after the event.

Event Call To Action phrases and examples:

  • “Register for Our Webinar”
  • “Buy Your Ticket Now”
  • “Reserve Your Seat”
  • “Sign Up for Event Updates”
  • “Add the Event to Your Calendar”
  • “Request Your Discount Code”
  • “Confirm Your Attendance”
  • “Download the Event Program”
  • “Participate in Our Live Sessions”
  • “Join the Conversation on Social Media”
  • “Complete Our Post-Event Survey”
  • “Download the Event Presentations”
  • “Watch the Webinar Recording”
  • “Become a Sponsor”
  • “Check Out Our Sponsorship Options”
  • “Learn More About Our Speakers”
  • “Secure Your Spot in the Workshop”
  • “Join Our Waitlist”
  • “Download Our Event App”
  • “Visit Our Virtual Booth”
  • “Share Your Event Photos with Our Hashtag”

Tichombo – Event CTA example on Facebook: “Grab your tickets now”

Polar Sound Festival – Event CTA example on website: “Join the waitlist!”

8. Trial Call To Action Examples

Free trials are an effective strategy to engage users and allow them to experience your product or service before making a purchase. CTAs for trials often invite users to try a limited or full version of a product for a set period of time.

Remember that offering a free trial can help build trust and show the value of your product or service, thus increasing the chances of conversion once the trial period is over.

Trial Call To Action phrases and examples:

  • “Start Your Free Trial”
  • “Try Before You Buy”
  • “Start Your Free Demo”
  • “Experience the Full Version for Free”
  • “Join Our Free Demo”
  • “Get Your Trial Version Now”
  • “Start Your Trial Without a Credit Card”
  • “Access the Free Trial”
  • “Start Testing Our Software”
  • “Get a Free Trial of Our Product”
  • “Start Your No-Risk Trial”
  • “Discover the Premium Experience for Free”
  • “Try Our Platform for 7 Days Free”
  • “Register and Try Our System”
  • “No Commitment, Cancel Anytime”
  • “Start Your Free Trial Month”
  • “Try Our App for Free”
  • “Start Your 14-day Trial Now”
  • “Get Full Access During Your Trial”
  • “Discover All the Features with the Free Trial”
  • “See How It Works”

Shopify – Trial CTA example on website: “Start free trial”

Outreach – Trial CTA example on website: “Request a Demo”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a call to action?

A call to action or CTA on a website, is a phrase that encourages the visitor to take some kind of action. A call to action can be a simple instructional text, such as “call us now”, “request more information” or “subscribe to our newsletter”.

What should a call to action include?

For calls to action to be effective, it is recommended to use the imperative grammatical mode, use persuasive writing, create a sense of urgency in the reader and make the message stand out on the page.

Why are calls to action important in social networks?

CTAs prompt your audience to take action when they see your social media posts and content. Try to give explicit instructions on what they can do next.

When should a call to action be used?

There are many situations where you can use a Call To Action. These expressions are commonly used on websites, landing pages, online stores, email marketing campaigns or on social media in order to encourage the user to click on the link or button and redirect them to a specific screen or page.

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