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Google Ads campaigns that work

If you’re concerned about your advertising performance, feel your marketing agency isn’t up to par, or even if you’re managing your own campaigns but feel you need help, perhaps we can lend a hand.

For more than a decade, we have worked side by side with small and medium-sized companies, local businesses and service sector professionals, becoming their digital advertising department.

What our Google Ads Agency offers you

We are specialists, not generalists

We are not a generalist agency. We use the best practices in the field of digital advertising.

Saving time
and resources

We free up your time and internal resources that you can use in other areas of your business.


Clicks or impressions don't matter. All we care about is generating return for you.

Tools and

We use the best tools and technology to maximize the conversions of your campaigns.

Customization and flexibility

We deliver highly personalized campaigns, improving the relevance and effectiveness of the advertisements

Communication and transparency

We like to receive feedback and build a relationship of trust and collaboration with our customers.

What can you expect from Google Ads management?

The difference is made by expert management, from initial setup to ongoing optimization. Our focus is on accurate segmentation, budget maximization and return on investment, using advanced tools and industry-leading techniques.

Initial configuration

Campaign management

Monitoring and optimization

How do we start working together?

If you want to boost your business with effective Google Ads campaigns, here’s how to start working together. It’s a simple and straightforward process, designed to fully understand your needs and objectives.



Tell us about your business

First, complete the contact form. This step is crucial as we need you to give us some basic information about your business. We need to know the basics of your digital presence to get an initial idea.



Let's talk face to face

Within one working day we will contact you and we will try to expand this information in order to make an accurate diagnosis of your needs. If we believe we can help you, we will propose a consultancy or audit.



Designing your path to success

With all the information in hand, we will propose a customized action plan to work on your company's advertising strategy. This action plan is designed to achieve your specific objectives.

We work with brands to increase their revenues

Happy customers

At Reactiva Online, we firmly believe that our customers’ experiences are the most authentic reflection of our work and commitment. That is why we want to share their opinions with you.

Buscaba delegar estas tareas en alguien confiable, y después de muchas dudas me decanté por ellos. No tenemos muchos recursos pero queríamos probar. Si vemos que funciona nos animaremos a hacer más campañas. Gracias por vuestro asesoramiento
isis s.
isis s.
Me gusta su enfoque orientado a resultados, realmente entendieron nuestro negocio y hasta la fecha funcionan las campañas. Buen trabajo
Dr Edier Gómez
Dr Edier Gómez
Nos ayudaron desde el principio ya que habíamos configurado mal las campañas. No teníamos objetivos claros ni hacíamos el seguimiento de conversiones. Se agradece mucho la claridad con la que te explican las cosas. ¡Gracias!
antonio g.c
antonio g.c
Estamos muy satisfechos con el servicio y nivel de atención. Se lo recomendaría a cualquier empresa que busque una agencia PPC
Paco Corral
Paco Corral
Grandes chicos que saben claramente todo lo que hay que hacer con la publi. No tenemos los recursos internos ni la experiencia para llevar a cabo este tipo de cosas adecuadamente por lo que contar con un tercero que realmente tenga experiencia es algo vital. Los recomiendo sin duda.
Buena experiencia trabajando con el equipo de Reactiva. Son muy atentos y profesionales. Nos están ayudando todo lo posible con las campañas y con consultas adicionales. No dudaría en recomendarlos a otras personas
Irene Prieto Torrico
Irene Prieto Torrico
Buscábamos ayuda con la publicidad y nos decantamos por trabajar con Reactiva Online. Hasta ahora, su apoyo ha sido fundamental. Realizaron un análisis de nuestra cuenta y recomendaron numerosas modificaciones que se están llevando a cabo.
Sakkara Music
Sakkara Music
Realizaron una revisión completa de nuestra cuenta publicitaria y aplicaron modificaciones a nuestras campañas existentes. Hasta ahora, estamos recibiendo un mayor volumen de leads y espero que siga así. Sin duda les recomiendo
Aunque es pronto para haceros una evaluación total, las primeras impresiones sobre el trabajo son muy buenas. Debo destacar la amabilidad de Aritz y su asesoramiento. Gracias
Mi experiencia con Reactiva Online se extiende por más de seis meses, durante los cuales el rendimiento de nuestra cuenta ha mejorado notablemente. ¡Gracias por vuestra dedicación y esfuerzo!
Jorge Mejias
Jorge Mejias

Frequently Asked Questions

It varies depending on each company and industry and the type of campaigns that are implemented.

There is a first learning phase in which we test various strategies to determine how we can get the maximum volume of conversions. It usually takes two to three months to see the best results. Companies with less competition can get results more quickly.

We do not require a minimum investment, but we recommend a budget that allows the necessary coverage of the market to be addressed.

To determine the appropriate advertising budget, we first establish the objectives, analyze the competitiveness of the industry and the expected cost per click (CPC).

We conduct initial tests at the beginning and continually adjust the allocation based on the performance of the campaigns.

Our fees for Google Ads management may vary depending on the particularities of each project.

Usually there is a fee for the initial configuration of the campaigns, a monthly cost for the management and optimization of the advertising as well as specific costs for additional services such as consulting or auditing.

Yes, our Google advertising services include creatives for search ads, adaptive ads and display ads. For video ads, you will need to provide the video.

A specialized agency brings experience, up-to-date knowledge and the use of advanced tools, which will help maximize the return on your advertising investments.

We work with businesses from many types of industries, but we evaluate each case to ensure that we can add value and meet marketing objectives.

At Reactiva Online we like to work with established companies that have a proven business model, companies that have some capacity for advertising investment and those that are looking at the medium and long term.

We do not establish any permanence period but we always recommend a contract period in order to be able to implement effective strategies and see significant results.

Yes, of course. We provide constant support and transparent communication, ensuring that our clients are informed and satisfied with the progress of their campaigns.

Our certifications

Search Certification

Display Certification

Video Certification

Shopping Certification

Analytics Certification

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