Our Methodology: Optimisation, Return and Scalability

At Reactiva Online we understand that the effective management of advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Meta Ads is an art that combines precision and creativity.

Our approach focuses on three fundamental pillars that define our PPC (Pay Per Click) process: meticulous initial research and setup, followed by campaign creation and launch, and finally ongoing management and optimization.

Research and
initial setup

The foundation of any successful advertising campaign begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s business, target audience and specific goals.

At Reactiva Online, we dedicate time and resources to dive into the core of your brand, understanding not only what you offer, but also who needs your products or services and why. This stage is crucial to designing PPC strategies that will resonate with your audience and meet your business objectives.

Key tasks we perform:

Business analysis:

Detailed study of your business model, products/services and market presence.

Audience profile:

Identification of audience segments, including demographics, interests and online behaviors.


Establishment of clear and measurable objectives for campaigns.

Competitor evaluation:

Analysis of competitors' advertising strategies to identify opportunities and threats.


Once we have a full understanding of the business and its objectives, we focus on the technical and strategic shaping of the campaigns.

This phase is where we transform our research and strategy into concrete actions. We carefully configure every aspect of the campaign to ensure that it is aligned with the defined goals, thus optimizing the return on investment.

Key tasks we perform:

Platform selection:

Choice of appropriate platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Meta Ads) based on audience profile and objectives.

Campaign structuring:

Creation of a coherent campaign structure, including ad groups, and keyword selection.

Ad creation:

Designing and writing compelling and persuasive ads, tailored to different platforms and audiences.

Budget and bid setting:

Setting daily budgets and bidding strategies to maximize visibility and ROI.

Tracking implementation:

Configuration of tracking and analysis tools to measure campaign performance and facilitate future optimizations.

Ongoing management
and optimization

True PPC expertise lies not only in the launch of campaigns, but also in the ongoing management and optimization of campaigns.

It’s a process that requires meticulous monitoring, data analysis and ongoing strategic adjustments to ensure that your advertising spend translates into optimal results for your business. Our team of PPC experts is dedicated not only to keeping your campaigns running, but also to constantly improving them, optimizing every aspect to maximize ROI and reduce costs.

Key tasks we perform:

Continuous data analysis:

Rigorous monitoring and analysis of campaign performance to make informed decisions.

Keyword management:

Inclusion of new keywords, pausing ineffective keywords and adding negative keywords to optimize reach.

A/B testing:

Perform comparative testing to determine the most effective ads.

Conversion optimization:

Improving conversion rates through call-to-action and user experience adjustments.

Performance optimization:

Adjusting campaigns to perform better based on device type, geographic performance and timing.

Competitive analysis:

Constant evaluation of competitor strategies to identify opportunities for improvement.

Detailed reports:

We provide regular, detailed reports analyzing the performance of your campaigns and the adjustments made.

Timeline: how long it takes to see results

0-3 months

Initial phase

The first three months are crucial for establishing a solid foundation. During this initial phase, we focus on thorough research and benchmarking. We identify and take advantage of ‘quick win’ opportunities that provide immediate results and help us lay the groundwork for more complex, long-term strategies.

4-8 months

Expansion phase

In the following months, we focus on creating consistency and predictability. We make the necessary adjustments and optimisations, fine-tuning the strategy based on the data collected. This phase is essential to consolidate the market position, defending and enhancing the brand’s presence.
9-12 months

Domination phase

As we approach the end of the first year, our focus shifts to market leadership and expansion. We explore new opportunities to scale and expand your brand’s influence. This phase is where initial efforts begin to pay off in terms of market dominance and recognition.

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