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At Reactiva Online we conduct first-hand research in the different software categories we analyze. Likewise, we elaborate quality content with the objective of providing our audience with knowledge of digital tools and strategies.

To do this, we monitor industry trends, talk to experts from leading software companies and test each tool personally.

We are aware that in today’s dynamic market there is no room for unsuccessful trials, wasted time with inadequate tools or formulas that exceed your budgets. Therefore, all the recommendations you read have been written by real people through a particular methodology.

This methodology allows us to analyze, test and compare the main tools on the market. In this way we reflect the details of our analysis in reviews that we publish about each software.

Methodology of analysis and review of tools


Research and pre-selection

First of all, the first thing we focus on is to pre-select the best tools in each field. To do this, we research the market for existing solutions that best suit our readers.


Pricing, terms and conditions

We analyze the service contracts of each tool from a legal, technical and economic point of view.. We want to make sure that there is no “hidden print” when it comes to a user contracting software.


Testing and practical tests

Our team performs practical tests of performance, performance, speed, usability or ease of use that allow us to prepare an analysis as objective as possible of the tool itself.


Comparison with other alternatives

We search for similar software and make comparisons with the main options offered by the market. This process allows us to evaluate the tool in comparison with other proposals.


Detailed internal evaluation

We study in depth the characteristics of each tool, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. The different points of view are shared among the editorial team and submitted for discussion.


Qualifications and scoring

The best way to understand the efficiency, performance and performance of each software is through the assignment of a score. We also prepared a ranking of the tools in order of their ratings.


Writing and publishing

The editorial team prepares and proposes a software analysis text, which is then reviewed by the editors to ensure that the information is accurate and correct. Once the verification has been carried out, it will be published.


Revisions and updates

To ensure that the information published is up to date, we periodically review the prices and new functionalities that are incorporated into the tools. Depending on the evolution of these ratings, we make changes to the ratings issued.

What do we analyze for each tool?

As we have explained, at Reactiva Online we carry out a detailed and multidisciplinary detailed and multidisciplinary analysis of each of the tools we use. of the market. However, each tool has its own particularities.

For this reason, we have decided to focus our analyses on common study patterns that allow us to value most digital tools. The following are some of the main areas of study:


Developers, programmers and designers of technological tools put their own stamp on the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). We focus on determining how easy the tools are to use and which ones provide a better or worse user experience when interacting with them.


We perform performance tests that help us to check the performance of a software in terms of load speed, scalability, response time or the volume of resources required under a specific workload.

Level of customization

Some of our concerns when analyzing tools in depth focus on the degree of flexibility that these applications have for a company or a user to value their acquisition.

We know that our audience highly values the flexibility that digital tools offer in terms of design and expandability of functionality, so this is another key variable that we examine.

4. Value for money

Obviously, price is one of the most important variables on which many users base their purchasing decisions. There are softwares in all price ranges and sometimes we find rates that do not do justice to the quality-price ratio offered. For this reason, when we analyze each tool, we present their contracting plans, the existing offers and the features included in each plan. Occasionally we reach agreements with software companies that allow us to offer better economic conditions to our readers.

5. Technical support and customer service

The technical support and customer service offered by the different digital tools is another fundamental aspect that we analyze. The main advantage of a good technical support is the reliability of its operation, allowing to exploit all the functionalities it offers. Outdated software without technical support or customer service can be a real problem for any company. In this way, we evaluate their quality by reflecting it in our analysis.

Our work philosophy

At Reactiva Online we firmly believe in credibility as the most important pillar of support for our existence.. We make sure that our analyses are done with the users in mind from the most objective point of view possible, with a focus on solving your needs in a practical way.

Therefore, we are not a marketing representative of any platform, software company or technology firm, we are not marketing representatives of any platform, software company or technology firm. We do not create artificial ratings to promote third-party tools, but what we do is to distinguish which are the best and the most decisive at present.

For this reason, we always try to present both the advantages and disadvantages of each tool so that you can make the final decision.

Occasionally we receive commissions from some of the analyzed software, of course without adding a single cent to the final purchase price for our readers. Moreover, we sometimes manage to lower purchase prices through agreements reached with these companies. Much of the money raised is reinvested to grow this website by hiring copywriters and to pay for the technological infrastructure we use.

Our team is made up of digital marketing, IT and programming professionals as well as professional copywriters. Together we will try to help you make your digital project a success.

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