Print On Demand Australia: 7 Best Companies to Boost Your Sales

Print On Demand Australia - Best Companies You Need to Know

If you have landed on this article you may be looking for a Print On Demand (POD) solution in Australia. You are probably looking for a provider in the world’s largest island and the sixth largest country in the world in terms of territory. Don’t worry, in this article we are going to analyze the best Print On Demand Australia companies.

First of all we will see what are the advantages of working with POD companies in this country, we will also examine the best companies located in Australia and finally we will see the production and shipping times of each solution. So stay until the end of this guide to know everything in detail. Let’s get started!

Why choose a Print On Demand company in Australia?

First of all it should be noted that choosing a Print On Demand company based in Australia has multiple advantages especially for those who want to target local audiences.

Overall, building a local, country-focused e-commerce business can bring numerous benefits, from improved logistics and reduced costs to better customer service and a more locally recognizable brand identity. A good idea might be to start in the Australian market and later, if you see that everything is going well, you can expand to other countries.

Advantages of partnering with print-on-demand companies in Australia:

  1. Easier logistics: Operating your Print On Demand project in a single country simplifies logistics, reduces shipping times and avoids customs processes. This can help your customers perceive a better service and therefore increase their level of satisfaction. You can choose a POD company with presence in other countries in case you internationalize your e-commerce.
  2. Reduced shipping costs: Another important aspect of shipping domestically is that it can be considerably cheaper and faster than shipping internationally. This can mean lower costs for your company and therefore also for your customers.
  3. Familiarity with the market: By targeting your local country, you can leverage your knowledge of Australian culture, language and potential customers’ preferences. This means you can use better marketing strategies and create better POD products that local users will love.
  4. Currency and tax simplicity: Targeting your e-commerce project to one country will allow you to trade in your local currency and comply with tax regulations more easily. This can lead to more efficient accounting and reduced administrative burdens.
  5. Better customer service: By focusing on the Australian market, you can offer customer service that is more tailored to your customers’ needs and expectations. It is key to speak the same language, know the local culture or share the time zone.

What are the Best Print On Demand Companies in Australia?

The print-on-demand (POD) industry has grown exponentially in recent years, offering a comfortable solution for artists, designers and entrepreneurs who want to create and sell custom printed products. Many POD companies have expanded into Australia or have reached agreements with local companies in order to meet the needs of the local market.

To help you learn about POD services in the country and make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best Print On Demand companies in Australia. Each of these companies offers a unique set of features, products and services tailored to your specific needs. We recommend you read our individual reviews of each company in case you want to learn more.

1. Printful

Printful, is a company founded in Latvia in 2013 that is currently one of the leading print-on-demand manufacturers with over 63 million orders handled globally to date. In Australia the company collaborates with 3 facilities located in Brisbane and Melbourne from where they produce and ship orders.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration between Printful and Australia Post, packages can be shipped to Australia and New Zealand within 2 to 5 business days. This is something to keep in mind, as speed of delivery is key for customers.

From our experience, it is the Print on Demand solution that we have used the most and probably the one that has given us the best service. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it integrates with the best e-commerce platforms and marketplaces such as Shopify, Wix eCommerce or Etsy.

Printful Pros

Partners with three associated production facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne
Shipping times for Australia and New Zealand are very good (2 to 5 working days)
Printful allows AUD currency, which eliminates exchange fees
The size of its product catalog and production quality are among the best in the industry

Printful Cons

Some of the products offered are relatively high priced
If you plan to sell internationally, not all products are produced in every Printful factory
There are certain elements that cannot be customized (e.g. packaging).

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2. Printify

Printify was founded in 2015 in Riga, Latvia, and later established its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA. It is definitely one of the largest Print On Demand companies in the world thanks to its global network of partners. In Australia it works with two manufacturing partners located in Melbourne and Brisbane which also allows you to make fast shipments to New Zealand.

We have a good experience with this company as it has very competitive prices and works with carefully selected partners. On the other hand, it should be noted that it has no direct control over the production process and does not allow customization of some elements such as packaging or labels.

Printify Pros

If you choose Printify’s premium plan, it is probably the cheapest Print On Demand company in Australia
The company has a catalog of more than 850 unique products
Direct integrations with most e-commerce software
Good production and delivery times, except for international shipments

Printify Cons

To enjoy the discounted prices, a premium subscription (USD 29/month) is required.
Same products are not produced in all facilities, which makes it difficult for you to sell internationally
Limited branding customization options

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3. Gelato

Gelato is a print-on-demand company that is growing very fast in recent years. Founded in Oslo (Norway) in 2012, its business model is based on creating the largest network of POD production partners with more than 100 partners in 32 countries. In Australia it has 7 production centers and in its neighboring country, New Zealand, 3.

This company is known for making printing more sustainable by reducing the environmental footprint in the production process. Also, most of its products are manufactured locally, making the production value chain more sustainable, setting high requirements and closely monitoring its partners.

Gelato Pros

Their production and delivery times are among the shortest in the industry
They produce locally on demand to reduce waste and carbon emissions
They have a medium-sized product catalog and some products are very original
It stands out for the careful selection of partners and the quality of the production process

Gelato Cons

Shipping costs are somewhat high and to reduce them, you need to subscribe to a premium plan
It is not possible to customize the package or include personalized labels
Support is only available via chat

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4. Prodigi

Prodigi is a UK-based company founded in 2017. It is one of the best POD solutions as it has its own production facilities in the UK, USA and the Netherlands. They also have a global partner network that allows them to produce certain products in Australia.

In short, this company operates in a hybrid way with its own factories over which it has direct control and a network of external partners. This company stands out for its local production capabilities that allow for shorter lead times. The tool has only four direct integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy and WooCommerce.

Prodigi Pros

Fast local production in Australia (for a set of products)
The quality of the prints and frames are really high (above industry average)
Customer service is always responsive and tries to resolve problems quickly

Prodigi Cons

The prices of some products are high
There are few integrations with e-commerce tools
In Australia, only some of the products included in the catalog are produced locally
Shipping costs are usually higher than those of other competitors

5. The Print Bar

The Print Bar is an innovative Australian based company founded in 2011 by a passionate creative, Jared Fullinfaw, who started printing and selling his own t-shirts from his home in Brisbane. Later in 2021 they opened a second production facility in Melbourne.

They currently employ a team of 30 people at both locations and have become an award-winning Print On Demand company. You can currently set up a POD store with them or work through Printify, with whom they partner.

The Print Bar Pros

Company that has received awards for business excellence
Their presence in two locations in Australia allows them to produce and ship quickly and efficiently
Product prices and shipping costs are reasonable
You can ship to New Zealand and other countries

The Print Bar Cons

The company offers a reduced catalog of products (mostly clothing)
Many products are not available on Printify
Production time for some products can be longer

6. Jondo

Jondo was founded in California (USA) in 1989 and later expanded its presence to other countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada and Australia. Its presence in Australia dates back to 2018, when the company acquired an 18,000-square-foot facility in Melbourne.

The company is primarily known for its on-demand production of posters, canvases and framed prints. Its regional facilities follow standardized production processes, allowing for homogeneous production and the possibility of speeding up delivery times.

Jondo Pros

Produces locally in Melbourne, in its own facilities
You can customize some aspects, such as delivery slips and packaging, with your branding
They use environmentally friendly materials such as water-based latex inks, sustainable wood and eco-friendly packaging

Jondo Cons

They offer a reduced range of products compared to other competitors
It does not offer direct integrations with e-commerce software. You can use an API by contacting them.
The Jondo GO platform for entry-level sellers is not up to par with other POD companies

7. OGO

OGO is a company born in 2017 in Melbourne (Australia) that offers a complete print-on-demand solution to Australian e-commerce stores. It is a division of the Tee Junction company that was born in 2006 with the idea of offering custom t-shirt printing services.

For the moment, OGO is far from its competitors in terms of integrations, as it only offers integration with Shopify. You also have the possibility to create a store within Tee Junction.

OGO Pros

Express shipments are available and can help you reduce shipping times
Offers a medium-sized catalog at competitive prices
OGO offers customer support through multiple channels (email, chat, social media and telephone)

OGO Cons

Shipping times are really slow for Australia and other countries
Integration is only offered with stores built on Shopify technology
Brand customization options for packaging, labels or cards are not yet available

What are the delivery times of Print On Demand companies in Australia?

As you well know, local production in e-commerce plays a crucial role in satisfying customers by reducing total delivery time and ensuring a seamless shopping experience. This is critical when starting out in e-commerce.

This is why most of the companies mentioned in the list above, try to source raw materials closer to the destination market to reduce transportation costs, minimize environmental impact and ensure a constant supply of goods.

On the other hand, speed of delivery is another key element in meeting customer expectations in the e-commerce space. Customers expect fast delivery times, and companies that can meet these expectations will be rewarded with loyal customers and positive word-of-mouth. In the table below you can see the turnaround times of print-on-demand companies located in Australia.

Production and shipping times of Print On Demand companies in Australia:

POD CompanyNo. facilities in AustraliaAvg. production timeAvg. shipping time to Australia*Avg. international shipping time
Printful32–5 business days2 business days3–10 business days
Printify22–7 business days3–7 business days5–15 business days
Gelato71–6 business days1–2 business days1–4 business days
Prodigi12–5 business days1–4 business days1–4 business days
The Print Bar21–3 business days1–7 business days3-10 business days
Jondo11–4 business days2–6 business days2-30 business days
OGO12–5 business days8–20 business days2–8 weeks

* Note: Taking into account that standard shipments are made. The data reflected in this table are extracted from official sources, but may change at any time. Printful, Gelato and Printify do not have their own production facilities, but delegate production to third party companies. Table updated: May 2, 2023

Summary and Conclusions

In conclusion, choosing among Print On Demand companies in Australia is crucial to the success of your project. It’s important to analyze each provider in depth to ensure they meet your specific needs and requirements. Based on our experience, we highly recommend considering Printful, Printify, and Gelato as top choices for starting your Print On Demand journey. Remember, the best company for you may vary, so take the time to explore and make an informed decision.

Our selection of Print On Demand companies in Australia:

  • Printful: The leading and most reliable POD company in the industry
  • Printify: The most competitive company in terms of price
  • Gelato: The company with the most production partners in Australia

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Feel free to share them in the comments section below 😉

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an Australian print-on-demand company?

Using an Australian-based POD company provides several advantages, including faster shipping times to local customers, better quality control, and easier communication with the company. Additionally, Australian POD companies are more familiar with the local market and can better cater to the unique needs of Australian customers.

How to choose the best print on demand company in Australia?

When choosing a POD company, you should look at several factors. Think that it will be a long-term partner that should provide you with security, reliability and quality. Therefore, take your time to research and compare different providers to find the best option for your e-commerce project. Having worked on different POD projects, our favorite companies are Printful, Printify and Gelato, in that order. They are three great and reliable companies.

What is the cheapest Print On Demand company in Australia?

The cheapest print-on-demand company in Australia can vary depending on factors such as product type and order volume. However, a popular choice known for its competitive pricing is Printify, which thanks to its premium plan ($29/month) allows you to get very affordable prices.

Can print-on-demand products produced in Australia be sold internationally?

Yes, many Australian POD companies offer international shipping solutions, in case you want to reach customers anywhere in the world. To do this, be sure to check the shipping rates and delivery times for the markets you intend to reach.

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